Wherever on teh internets you bump into an angry antifeminist mob, you’re bound to set your eyes on a sentence like this: (The said feminist) “..only needs to be fucked well.”

The antifeminists believe that there is no discrimination of women, therefore the ones who complain about it, must be defective. But, how could the insertion of a penis into a vagina be the means of their repair?

If you’re a person of logic, you probably find little connection between “being fucked well” and the contentment with structural inequality. You may be enlightened by finding out how long this association has existed, and what brought it about.

Hysterically wandering uterus

The association “unsatisfied woman = sex-starved woman” has been here with us for ages, at least since 1900 AD, which makes it older than our (Phoenician) alphabet. According to the article Women And Hysteria In The History Of Mental Health by the scientists at the University in Cagliari, mentions of a certain vaguely defined woman’s illness first appeared 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

The learned men of Egypt believed the uterus to be prone to wander around the body, causing a variety of problems. This nonsense was also adopted by the ancient Greeks. They called the illness “hysteria,” which sticked until the present days (in Greek, hystera means uterus).

Symptoms of hysteria

Hysteria had been considered a real illness until the 50s of the 20th century, and its described symptoms vary.

Its symptoms ranged from fainting, anxiety, insomnia and nervosity to “the tendency to cause problems to others.” Therefore, hysteria could be diagnosed in almost every woman. Just as the British physician Thomas Sydenham said in 1681: “there is scarcely a woman who doesn’t suffer from it.”

But, who wouldn’t be nervous, or anxious, if she couldn’t own property, get a divorce, vote or choose who to marry?

Besides, erotic fantasies, or excessive vaginal lubrication were another symptoms of the wide-spread illness. Why would a healthy woman have a sex drive, right?

Sexual starvation the source of all evil

You can see that the internet commentators who recommend sex treatment to feminists, come out of a long and weird history.

Their thought process, however twisted, actually follows the famous Latin physician Galen. I’m sure they have absolutely no clue of this, but in the second century AD, Galen prescribed sex to married women. To unmarried ones, he recommended the massage of the womb, ended with the orgasmic cleansing from all evil.

Galen’s recommendations were followed by physicians and doulas until the end of 19th century. How were they supposed to satisfy the woman’s sexual hunger? Certainly not by prescribing masturbation, as it was considered dangerous. These professionals had to perform the trick themselves. The doctors, for example, did so in a “safe,” controlled environment of their consulting rooms. First, they used their own hands, later, as they were lazy, they started to experiment with steam-fuelled and electrical vibrators, or by water massage.

Can you imagine your physician bringing you to a climax? I can’t. The only positive outcome of this strange practice is the invention of the electrical vibrator.